Moon Duty

The time is on time, and the beings who live in shorter bursts tell stories under the patient moon. Those who wish to predict the future study the history of the night sky. Yet even though they may learn after centuries of marking the very time and place of every sunset and every moonrise, still […]

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Fire on the Mountain, Ready Set GO!

On Sunday April 26, 2015, a dozen Two Bar Road neighbors gathered to meet with San Mateo-Santa Cruz CAL FIRE ( Forrester Richard Sampson, Chief Gonzales and three other seasonal local Fire Fighters from the Saratoga Fire Protection District. The fire fighters passed out Home Defense checklists, and educated us about the “READY SET GO” details of fire preparedness. They answered questions […]

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Cactus Dick Ride

Every time I gnash my teeth I remember Cactus Dick. He went crazy on me in the scorching hot parking lot on the American side of the Mexico border. I learned alot that day about anger management, and the wiles of a desperate coyote who is in pain and afraid of losing the woman he […]

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As the watchers watch

From outside of time the watchers watch. They fill up the clocks with ticks and tocks, The audience forms. They wait, they talk, Toss popcorn, sip soda. Lights dim. Time stops. Music and Lights… The show begins. For the 11th time in 2012, the Santa Cruz Film Fest began. The sparse artistic film community arrived […]

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Sleeping beauty in the light

Dear Spirit Suchi Gabrielle, I thought of everyone I ever loved this morning at sunrise as I wondered if you my friend would ever awaken for one last time… give a look from your eyes, a squeeze from your hands, share spooning naps with your dear beloveds, or cuddle your boys Krishna and Bubblily. I […]

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Do You Want to Live Forever? Really?

In a world where no one ever dies, what gives life purpose? In the Maze Game, Diana Slattery has created an amazing work of science fiction that probes certain questions of the future in a way that is unfamiliar, disturbing, beautiful and cruelly savage. Think “All that Jazz” meets “Tron” with Captain Jack Barishnokov and the […]

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