The Amazing Mr Flanagan

Stephanie tells us that Pat is on his death bed. She is passing through the vigil one keeps at the side of their beloved who is coming to the end of this life. I can’t believe Pat could be anything but immortal. If it is true, he will be joining Gimele in the part of […]

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Suddenly Over

My mother suddenly passed away when I was twenty five. I notice the digital clock in my car as I rush to the hospital. It reads 3:34. I am already too late. The next time I see my mother, there is no life in her flesh. The funeral casket is open on a pink puffy […]

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Watch & Roses

A Time to Remember & Time to Forget In the heat of Costa Rica, I listened via radio to the diamond heart meditation being offered by the Great Teacher for the blessing of all sentient beings in this world and all others. As heat and light engulfed me, I sank into the stillness of my […]

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Waiting to Matter

There is an old story about a happy fisherman. He wakes up before dawn every day, excited to head out to his boat on the river in his own back yard and spend the day fishing. In this way, his life is filled with joy, and plenty to eat, feed his family, even his friends from […]

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Grief Sorrow

Is there no time for me in this brief stretch of grace to relax in the arms of my beloved’s embrace and know there is paradise growing securely… to look out at the seeds I have sewn to cure the fears of the days with my spirit determined to lift up this world which is […]

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Why is it sacred?

A person is a mystery in a universe unfolding. The time it takes to enter space, explore the grace, win the race, remember all the faces, forgive all of the disgraces, celebrate and leave no traces… well, T.S. Elliot said it all so well: There will be time, there will be time To prepare a […]

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If it were mine, I’d stretch and paint Time. I’d sing a song of vast vibrations, inspiring spirals to cluster. I’d mix dark and light forming every element, discovering every luster. I’d cobble a brush made of gaseous stardust and dapple the pallet with stars. I’d throw it in lumps on a spinning wheel. I’d […]

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