Why is it sacred?

A person is a mystery in a universe unfolding. The time it takes to enter space, explore the grace, win the race, remember all the faces, forgive all of the disgraces, celebrate and leave no traces… well, T.S. Elliot said it all so well: There will be time, there will be time To prepare aContinue reading “Why is it sacred?”

Don Husing, the voice of KSCO news for decades, died Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2013 after a career of 47 years.

They say on the day each person is born That marks the day of one definite death. In between these two marks on the notch post of time is everyone and everything that matters in one life. After 47 years on a job, among friends, there were birthdays and holidays, maybe a romance or secretContinue reading “Don Husing, the voice of KSCO news for decades, died Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2013 after a career of 47 years.”

Sunset Mist Memorials

At 4:20 this morning I am missing my mom and my sisters. Our family Christmas eve dinner and phone calls whisked by too fast, and our annual McNamee Girls shopping trip to the city was also over too soon. Pictures flash through my mind’s eye; Maureen with a big bag of recently discovered extra presentsContinue reading “Sunset Mist Memorials”

Sleeping beauty in the light

Dear Spirit Suchi Gabrielle, I thought of everyone I ever loved this morning at sunrise as I wondered if you my friend would ever awaken for one last time… give a look from your eyes, a squeeze from your hands, share spooning naps with your dear beloveds, or cuddle your boys Krishna and Bubblily. IContinue reading “Sleeping beauty in the light”

Today I am thanking a Snake.

Everything woke up dead this morning. I’ve been sad too long to be sad or mad. I just want to understand why, And try to wake up alive tomorrow. There but for grace go I. The snake who chased and ate three mice got caught in the knotted plastic fence tangled with Vinca surrounding theContinue reading “Today I am thanking a Snake.”

Hack, the first to go, as far as I know. In memory.

Death of a friend is always sad news. Maybe a little more remote after such a long time, but it does give me a chance to reminisce. Such kids we were then. I still feel like the same person who walked or rode bikes past Hack’s house to school, and hung out during some ofContinue reading “Hack, the first to go, as far as I know. In memory.”