Missed Opportunities

The melodic alarm bells of an international call rang at the deepest hours of sleep. And so, my dreaming mind abandoned the other worlds of the night and jumped to awareness of my bedroom. Next to me, still and undisturbed, my lover let the sounds pass unnoticed. After 20 seconds, according to the preset programming, […]

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Waiting to Matter

There is an old story about a happy fisherman. He wakes up before dawn every day, excited to head out to his boat on the river in his own back yard and spend the day fishing. In this way, his life is filled with joy, and plenty to eat, feed his family, even his friends from […]

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Grief Sorrow

Is there no time for me in this brief stretch of grace to relax in the arms of my beloved’s embrace and know there is paradise growing securely… to look out at the seeds I have sewn to cure the fears of the days with my spirit determined to lift up this world which is […]

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She sleeps raw everyday

There is a girl who sleeps under flowers in a field that sees all the lights of stars. The flowers of this field are the homes of many bees, especially those who like quiet time for their personal thoughts. Each lady bee visits each flower each day, finding sweet pollen to eat and carry back […]

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Aware Always

If I were a seed, asleep in the soil, Which sense would awaken the life in my soul? Each evening cycle of cooling condensation, Each morning welcoming warming dew, Which feeling would cause me to say to myself “it is time to stretch, to yawn, and open the gifts of life I received from my […]

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