Is there no time for me in this brief stretch of grace
to relax in the arms of my beloved’s embrace
and know there is paradise growing securely…
to look out at the seeds I have sewn to cure the
fears of the days with my spirit determined
to lift up this world which is not predetermined.
Oh wound that never heals please release me.
Oh sadness that never ends, relieve me.
Best is not last, and best does not last.
I weep for tomorrow as I weep for my past.
I am giving my life to my love completely.
Even if my love is to die well before me.
My grief, after blinding my eyes with tears,
I believe after finding my heart for years,
is a strong and long teacher, seeming not a good friend.
Yet showing me in brevity that each moment must end.
And I for my part, must mend.

Tears Now, Until Tomorrow.

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