Looking Up, Back, and Forward

Where and when do memories live? What is the fabric where they are woven? What is the invisible medium, the field of energy that we sense in our thoughts and in our dreams? I spent quite a long time thinking of a car ride that I made half a life ago. I could not remember […]

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Love of My Life

I didn’t really know it the first time we met, but for the first time in my life I saw double rainbows that day. I figure my spirit guides were up to something. They have a way of bending light when they need me to pay attention. At that juncture in my young adulthood, I […]

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The Amazing Mr Flanagan

Stephanie tells us that Pat is on his death bed. She is passing through the vigil one keeps at the side of their beloved who is coming to the end of this life. I can’t believe Pat could be anything but immortal. If it is true, he will be joining Gimele in the part of […]

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Seduction, Addiction & Video Games

I am unapologetically a lifetime computer geek, although dated in terms of the fast moving world of internet inventions. As a throwback infomaniac to the time of digital innocence, I am one of the best and brightest minds of a utopian generation, a time traveller who put my footsteps down in a sandbox during the […]

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JUD – Justice Under Democracy

If you lived in San Francisco between 1971 and 1991, you might find a free newspaper around town called the Utopian Classroom, which was published by a group of Haight/Asbury artists called Keristans. I was one of the last generation of the Kerista tribe for the final five years it existed. A very big man, and […]

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Day One – A Writer Writes

Just yesterday we began the challenge. My beloved and I started to make a list of all the stories we could tell about ourselves, our friends, our past, and so much unknown history about the weird new normal times we live. The challenge was posed by Nick Almighty, arguably the most famous of our besties. […]

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What my friend Ashoka says is true. STILLNESS is underrated. I mean, what is the SOUND of one hand clapping? Ever thought about that? All you lovely people are paying attention to this person at the microphone, and you are expecting something, right? You are expecting me to tell a story, or share a song so you can sing along. Something we can […]

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