Maybe God is Curious, Patient, and NOT All Knowing

There is a feud going on, and on, and on. People believe in invisible things, and insist that others believe them too. I suspect these folks who insist what they insist had a certain kind of parent, My Way or the HighWay. Know it alls do value their possession of all knowledge.

My own dear buddha professes a faith that everything is perfect, and that everything is sacred. Trust the perfection of every moment, he offers as the divine will in action, our guide to everyday miracles.

I seem to be from the fixit school of wisdom. I see the contradictions, the cancellations, the struggles to be first, to win, to dominate and to survive while hoping to become the fittest of champions. I see all kinds of love everywhere, and I see how divergent personal preferences lead to contests of winner take all. I see choices which undermine simple democracy in favor of more enduring and practical expectations such as law, morality, or pain of death. 

On the journey of birth toward death, I had to learn the art of common sense so I could successfully guide my own generous gifts toward people who practice reciprocity and appreciation. I took the path less traveled away from greed and exploitation to discover my own simple story, unique to me in all the universe. 

Now I know to go where I am celebrated instead of tolerated, and where my status with others rests on our history of friendship, our kindness to each other, and our common shared joys and mutual freedoms. With our conscious agreements, we each build our invisible foundations for our future #InThisTogether. The ground seems solid, but rests on flexible yet tested common beliefs. What makes them so strong and so popular is the way that our stories honor our choices, and remind us who we are. In our heroic thoughts, we see that we are kind, forgiving, nurturing, trusting, and abundant, as befits all varieties of those who are made in the image of one all seeing god. 

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