Abundance in my Life

On my last class in soul school as I dreamt of the future last night, the main course was Abundance.

This word we have all heard is so popular in the modern world, yet in the ancient world it was so ubiquitous that no one even thought to give it a name. Not so long ago, the life on earth covered every corner with a complimentary ecosystem of many cooperating beings from all the queen and kingdoms. The ancient ones told their stories of inventing cells from the foam on the ocean. The green ones spoke of their love of the sunlight, and the joy they discovered upon inventing flowers to show off the other colors of the rainbow that they could not acutally eat. The blue and red light that fed their quest for sugar and created green chlorophyl gained a new friend in the flowers. Light, the only sense they ever remembered, was joined by smell in the palette of consciousness they knew and could teach to their children.

The standing ones, the trees, looked on from their long lives over the growth of forests from the abundance of soil that remained after eons of grasses, flowers, and bushes decayed and left a collection of debris crying out for new stories and new creativity.

The mushrooms and fungi were traveling by on comet fragments liberated from exploding stars. They decided to drop down to the soil and begin a new adventure in conscious evolution. All of this history is remembered by the immortals, but they do not capture these memories in words. So, for them, Abundance just IS.

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