From a dream I learned two new things. I am held in the arms of love by the mother of all creatures. One of my dear siblings, a snake, is angry with me, so much so she tried to bite me in rage, and died in the effort, puking out a small blood clot from her unlocked jawbone as she passed. What made her so angry I do not know. I suspected it was violence in the movie we were watching.  I brought her with me, causing the rage. Yet upon reflection as I awakened, I wondered if this were not in fact the deeply buried family rage which the Mary’s of my kin seem to struggle against. A deeply buried forgotten secret, which even sleeping ghosts care not to reawaken or reveal to me. Things were harder in the past. People suffered more, and spoke of it less. And the joy of love often took a turn for tragedy. Some poor young woman disappeared mysteriously after the end of her first love affair.

From a lovely sound which captured my heart, a coocookling sound from the roof of my house, I learned how mother crows tell their family where to find them in the nest. I spoke with young mother crow quite extensively, asking her not to nest there as she was being destructive to the screens on my windows, and the wipers on our car. She tried to explain herself to me, and I listened without comprehension. She flew off, and I have not heard her since.

And finally, there is North, the wolf hound called forth in a magic incantation by my new ancient friend, Peter Fey. I feel his stern loving gentle offers to be friends, and show me the world of his thoughts. I am naturally aware, like all mothers, that we eat as a pack, even though he is a wolf who are legendarily loners. This one, a watcher, seems looking for opportunities to expand my love of a truly regal animal.


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