Aware Always

If I were a seed, asleep in the soil, Which sense would awaken the life in my soul? Each evening cycle of cooling condensation, Each morning welcoming warming dew, Which feeling would cause me to say to myself “it is time to stretch, to yawn, and open the gifts of life I received from my […]

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A World That Works for EveryWeb

Grandmother spider is considered the weaver of the stories which create the living world by the original people of America. Her web, which shimmers with dew and light each morning, is considered the dream catcher, the mirror of the awakening mind which can still remember the spirit’s journey during sleep the previous night. In a […]

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Whirlwind Wheel of Fortune

The circle of thoughts that fill my head each day as I rejoin the waking world could all join hands and circle the world and the moon nine times, so of course I can only capture a very few of them here in the first light of morning. Yet I want to remember, so I […]

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