The circle of thoughts that fill my head each day as I rejoin the waking world could all join hands and circle the world and the moon nine times, so of course I can only capture a very few of them here in the first light of morning. Yet I want to remember, so I try.

After wordless and vast meta conscious thinking, the dream screen of my inner eye was filled with many fragments of the inspirations that have flown by me in the last few days.  With the help of my dream guides, I lit on the principles of practicing prana yama breathing with informed intentional thought as a theoretical way to heal a disease of the body through the desires of the mind and the guidance of spirit. Yantra, Mantra, Tantra… Thought, Word, Action. For me, this is a blueprint for creation. The infinite forms of possibility crystalize in a big bang moment of clear understanding, the thought is uttered in the vibrational language, and the infinite fractal of all that is takes a turn forever toward the unique new discovery of creation.

And that was only the beginning. Since the next few moments in this dream would take a lifetime to express in words, an artform came to me to help organize my experience, and to gather enough of these golden threads to weave a beautiful ‘tapestry of rich and royal hues, an everlasting vision in an everchanging view.’

The Space Time Wheel of FortuneThe wheel of fortune. 10 in the tarot higher arcana. The whirling world. The lady of luck. Ten short sentences to capture a snapshot of all the inspirations I remembered to notice yesterday.

1)Woke up in Cambria, my father’s last home, thinking about Natural Law and Strength and the underlying patterns of irrepressible leadership, expressed by men such as Jesus, Ghengis Khan, JoJo the Ape, the wolf, the bear, the eagle, and the many creatures who worship Anastasia of the Singing Cedars of Russia.

GoogleEarth Asian Rivers from Tibetan Plateau
GoogleEarth Asian Rivers from Tibetan Plateau

2) Felt grateful for the Harrisons in my life, and the way they take their love of the earth and goodness to a huge, informed map of our giant planetary ecosphere, where just one of Earth’s seven continents contains seven mighty rivers that flow from the same Tibetan Plateau, which traverse eleven Asian countries disadvantaged by the warming Earth when the melting and disappearance of 80% of the Himalayan Glaciers in Tibet means that the 1.6 billion people living on the waters of the Ganges, Yangtze, Brahmaputra, Mekong, Huang-Ho, and Salween will need new sources water, but no one sees how big the elephant described by the eleven blind men really is since they are content to fight amongst themselves rather than use their collective human brilliance to grow a new harmonious ecosystem that serves all the living creatures who share the same water.

3) I walked in bliss to breakfast and all day long on new exercise shoes given to me by my sisters for my birthday which we postponed celebration until we could all get together, which turns out to be only barely two days a year.

4) Long attention span theater is only for the curious listeners, but I wonder what happens to all the inspiration to participate that results from all that listening.

5) Thanks to my sister the accountant I now understand how to do a cash reconciliation of a festival, just in the nick of time, I hope.

6) Got up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head, looked at my fingernails and today they reflected the golden sunrise, but yesterday they reflected the green of the sky.

7) Awake Media, in business to transform starving artists to hippie philantrepreneurs.

8) Do you know Phil Crawford is the guy who can fix the Santa Cruz County justice system (Lawlessness in Santa Cruz) because he is running for judge, and he used to be a cop who First Responded to gang violence in dangerous neighborhoods in San Jose, then went back to school at 38 to become a lawyer, and ever since then has been creating, teaching, and administering community programs to interrupt and prevent violence for families – which does a lot to make up for the too little money sorely needed for the impossible job of helping police take the flack for too few afterschool programs to keep young kids from starting violence.

9) At the Santa Cruz Film Festival, day two, we saw The Hooping Life, Amy Goldstein’s documentary, which is truly a beautiful movie about the world in which we live, full of inspiration and caring.

10) I found myself reflecting on many facets of the wish granting jewel of time, so fleeting, so eternal.

Ending on a sad note from today’s Santa Cruz Sentinel. “I had no idea people were hating at this level,” she said. The Santa Cruz Live Oak HS is being mistaken for the Morgan Hill Live Oak HS where the stupid Principle sent home some kids wearing RedWhiteBlue instead of CinqoDeMayo colors on May5. Help us Human Race!

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