Hack, the first to go, as far as I know. In memory.

Death of a friend is always sad news. Maybe a little more remote after such a long time, but it does give me a chance to reminisce.

Such kids we were then. I still feel like the same person who walked or rode bikes past Hack’s house to school, and hung out during some of those awkward years of growing up, and watched from afar as we each took our places in the big worlds of life. He introduced me to the word hypoglycemic… now it still makes me look smart that I know what it means (and how to eat right to avoid the problem.) I haven’t listened to Emerson Lake & Palmer for quite a while, though I do catch myself singing “Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, I’m glad you could attend, come inside, come inside” from Brain Salad Surgery. I guess that will always remind me of Hack’s house and that time of our lives.

And I’ll always associate those times with reading Woody Allen aloud to each other in the library, and a movie marathon at Hack’s house maybe? Take the Money and Run, Love & Death, Sleeper. In a long life where there are so many chances to move away, I have the sense that Hack stayed pretty close to his original home. I don’t have much knowledge of the last twenty years, sorry to say. He’ll always be for me a freckled kid, really smart, lots of heart, not afraid to listen to acid rock and the world that liked it. I hope his philosopher spirit was feeling strong or optimistic or something worthwhile when he passed. Was he on facebook? My plan is to leave a few traces for the future in the digital domains, and meet you all again in the glistening afterlife. Thanks for the news. I just wrote it in on my calendar.

In a random but interesting synchronicity,  I got the news at a 10 anniversary memorial party for Terrence McKenna, a major bard in the psychedelics community, when Allan looked at your email on his I-phone. Not only would Hack have loved to know Terrence (probably did, as Terrence wrote lots of books on the chemistry and experiences of mind altering substances, and most poetically) but we happened to discuss something Hack might have found interesting.  As counter culture journalists, Allan and I met and interviewed Terrence many times during his life (he died of a brain tumor 10 years ago.) He subscribed to a mad scientist belief that it was perhaps possible to reach back to the living after death and communicate. A few luminary friends including Terrence and Allan agreed to send a message back if possible after the inevitable departure, and darned if we didn’t get a few mysterious emails and unexplained chance occurrences that seemed more than chance in the first year after Terrence died. So, all I can say is that mystery is in the eye of the believer.

Bless Hack, his journey in this world and all worlds. Sympathy for the loss of those who love him most. Thanks for sharing and remembering. Love to you and Nancy, always, and your children almost all grown up. You all have a treasured spot in my memories and my heart.

Marian McNamee Lundell aka SUN


3 responses to “Hack, the first to go, as far as I know. In memory.”

  1. hi Sun,
    who was this person Hack, is there a link to an obit somewhere? I’m still trying to find out what happened to Linda Rosa Corazon — she passed away 1/1 apparently but no one seems to know definitively. Where was the neighborhood where you lived near Hack?


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