That’s SOOOOO 2 minutes ago.

we are light and mist, the rainbow and the gold

SNAP. One moment you’re hunting ungulates on the plains of Africa, and the next moment you’re hurling a gold  terbium superconducting stellar device toward Alpha Centauri with all of mankind aboard in virtual space being run as a simulation in circuitry. It’s just first the one thing, then the other thing… but this history which lasts 25,000 years is this weird period where you are neither fish nor fowl. You know, you’re not the hunting ape anymore, but you are not yet the sixteen dimensional digital god. And in that transition phase, there is confusion. There is ainxt. But now we’re at the end.

I maintain that anybody who is pushing that, peddling ainxt, peddling pessimism, or all that stuff… well that’s just SOOOO 2 minutes ago.

from Terrence McKenna

Thanks Goz, for turning me on to this. We’ll see you at TIME WAVE ZERO for more fun facts about the future.

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