Three short stories of Luck, one of the least and greatest invisible entities that earthlings know and often believe in. (And, in service of the short bursts of LUCK, some long thoughts and related personal history.) First, a few definitions. My father and mother gave me, upon my graduation from College, an OED (Oxford EnglishContinue reading “Luck”

Black Water Dragon, but first, the History of PEACE

NOTES TO SELF This post is very rough. Just gathering some ideas for a future theatrical project. But, read on if you are interested in some factoids about time. Western Time Origin Story In my study of time and time travel, today I am collecting information from the east and from the west. First, inContinue reading “Black Water Dragon, but first, the History of PEACE”

That’s SOOOOO 2 minutes ago.

SNAP. One moment you’re hunting ungulates on the plains of Africa, and the next moment you’re hurling a gold  terbium superconducting stellar device toward Alpha Centauri with all of mankind aboard in virtual space being run as a simulation in circuitry. It’s just first the one thing, then the other thing… but this history which lastsContinue reading “That’s SOOOOO 2 minutes ago.”