Grandmother spider is considered the weaver of the stories which create the living world by the original people of America. Her web, which shimmers with dew and light each morning, is considered the dream catcher, the mirror of the awakening mind which can still remember the spirit’s journey during sleep the previous night. In a drop of water hanging from a thread of the web is a hologram of the living world, with all the fresh possibilities of a morning reflection, with all the light of a rising star just peaking over the horizon.

The creatures in this living world are called by the native people “All our Relations. We are evolved perhaps from ancient river monkeys, who evolved perhaps from ancient frogs, and fish, and sponges, and countless nameless forms who came and went during eons of natures accidents and experiments. As each new being took form, new classes of lifeforms took their place on the tree of life. As inventive, sentient monkeys, we continue to evolve toward lifeforms yet to be conceived. We learn from nature, and imitate through our inventions, with all our inherent accidents, discoveries, and intentions. In so doing, we create new forms of being that have never before been seen in the natural world. What will it take for us to love all our children, even if in some future world we no longer recognize our relations?

What we in the modern world have invented to mimic this creation of our ancient ancestor is a new web, one that catches the dreams and imagination of the whole wide world. In the new web, the new dream catcher, each person who reads or listens to a story or a song is a thinker in the emerging mind of a new baby, a planetary being named Earth who has seen the light of day many times over the last few billion years.

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