Passing each NOW in a fog of loving mystery
Soaking warmth together in bath of sudsy harmony.

Planners wait, Dancers mate, Watchers Celebrate
The fleeting flirting forever precious N:OW.

If it were me empowered by decree
To set each atom of infinity
On each endless lifetime journey

My wish, my will, my prayer would be
To weave each thread of harsh reality
Lovingly, softly, artistically.

What does that mean? The unseen
destiny embraced like a little baby
stepping free from the arms of safety
dawning wings as falling blindly
trusting fate with all that binds the
loving mothers and helping fathers
to surrender to a vast and curious
cosmos already done with the past
sailing fast, flailing to grasp
delightful threads yet to be spun.

Creation in our choices.
Love in our Fun.

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