Why is it sacred?

A person is a mystery in a universe unfolding. The time it takes to enter space, explore the grace, win the race, remember all the faces, forgive all of the disgraces, celebrate and leave no traces… well, T.S. Elliot said it all so well: There will be time, there will be time To prepare aContinue reading “Why is it sacred?”

Solar Songs of Sister Sun

Our Mother Source, the speeding star Enflamed by vast creative juices, Bravely races on her cosmic journey. Surging future-forward in her galaxy, Forever escaping yesterdays, Even though knowing they are but Shadows who hide on darkened sides Of her captured planets, spiraling wide. A star with gravity tow line spirals, reeling in Time travelers bursting with all evolutionContinue reading “Solar Songs of Sister Sun”

Today I am thanking a Snake.

Everything woke up dead this morning. I’ve been sad too long to be sad or mad. I just want to understand why, And try to wake up alive tomorrow. There but for grace go I. The snake who chased and ate three mice got caught in the knotted plastic fence tangled with Vinca surrounding theContinue reading “Today I am thanking a Snake.”

Dream Catcher… I Never Believed

Search For Infinity On this eyelash she walks across a delicate new web suspended by a thread in the ancient design of time. the spaciousness of patience, the stillness of eternity, the fullness of emptiness, the answer in the question, the light within sound resonance, the seed within a tree reaching to the starry sky, SeeingContinue reading “Dream Catcher… I Never Believed”