A Time to Remember & Time to Forget

In the heat of Costa Rica, I listened via radio to the diamond heart meditation being offered by the Great Teacher for the blessing of all sentient beings in this world and all others. As heat and light engulfed me, I sank into the stillness of my soul to find a place where all of my mothers existed in an eternal garden of memory. As in a flying dream, I soared above an endless horizon of ladies, each one a mother and a daughter who had lived a full life on earth.

Arrayed in one time line, they stretched away from me into an ancient past. I felt in a single moment all the joys, and even more, all the sorrows that all of these women had suffered during all of their lives. I washed in a wave of remembering so many tears and fears and anger and finally the tender love they held for their men and their children and their ever-present mothers. During all of their lives, they gave their gifts of sacrifice and secrets. They taught their ways of seeing and being to spirits who shared their lives. In joy or sorrow, pride or shame, the strength of their endurance emerged from a fierce determination to survive, even when their hearts were torn, and even if their prayers seemed to be unanswered.

The seeds of hope and the mysteries of love were surrendered every lifetime to the death and taxes of time on earth. The constant change experienced by all my mothers during their uncertain lifetimes appeared to be a bright ocean of light. Perhaps the beginning of the line in time was a droplet now invisible to my dreaming eyes that had grown into a vast and endless sea. Perhaps at first the size of a tiny accident that sparked a miracle, a pulse once gave rise to this immortal lifetime.

This divine moment of the great mystery allowed emergent authors in every age to write in the language of waves in the ocean of time a very long song of the stars. This thread of memory is a treasure unique to answer the original prayers of light in the deepening sea of conscious creator. For me, this moment of overwhelming tears was one of compassion and forgiveness. From all of me to all of them, and then reflected back into me, a bright and joyful light infused the stillness and carried wordless care.

“Rest in love, dear mothers and daughters. There is peace in this world and all others. Your gifts are well received into the loving arms of the future. Trust and love are remembered, and the lessons have been learned.”

Sun Marian, July 27,2015

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