Peter Fae and Friend

“Come into the Mythica” he beckons me

As I offer King Peter a cup of tea

In a kitchen we share under roof, under moon,

Under stars not visible in the afternoon.

“Perhaps tomorrow will not be too soon”

Is my unspoken answer to this dancer’s tune.

I am wary and weary right now, We are tense.

Perhaps tomorrow I will be less dense.

I fear it is scary or bleary and immense,

Whatever he’s offering seems not to make sense.

Seeing that I am about to decline

He attempts to refine the request.

Feeling his sincere devotion divine,

I listen, open hearted, and postpone my rest.

“We await you, please join us, Come Into the Mythica.

I invite you as an author. Let me be more specific.

You see, you can be more awake and more free

if you bring your own timeline and intersect with me.

This, I assure you, is a trustworthy strategy

To more fully awaken to your magic and memory

That has always been and will always be.

All magical beings encounter her daily.

But they have amnesia, almost immediately.

And that is driving me crazy!

Do not mistake my obsession as lazy.

My mission is the issue. The lessons are amazing.

The heros on our journey are god lights blazing.

The sorrows of this world can retire in a blessing.

The sooner we start, the faster we will feel

The salve which is needed for our wounds to heal.

In service to god, we serve all people.

Our stories are woven with yarns that we pull

from the very fabric of our own significance.

In time lines we illustrate our mythic existence.

Though I am a king, I know all kings are equal.

But in my own hero’s journey, there will be no sequel.

It unfolds in real time, and this flows because I am

the witness remembering my encounters with Gaiam.

In a blog, photos, stories, and videos show elegance

and the artistic styles reveal depth and intelligence.

If the fog of my life somehow lacks the clear evidence

to affirm the magic, then this calls forth my reverence.

I look within my sphere of light to find a flaw to set aright.

I say a prayer to repair. I offer my own light.

The true way is shown in the effortless flight.

I say “Thanks very much. That’s enough for tonight.”

These faeries are so engaging in the middle of the night!

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