The time is on time, and the beings who live in shorter bursts tell stories under the patient moon. Those who wish to predict the future study the history of the night sky. Yet even though they may learn after centuries of marking the very time and place of every sunset and every moonrise, still every eclipse will tell a surprising and unique story. And even so, it is the clouds and not the sun and moon who control what the children of the earth are allowed to see of the cosmic drama unfolding in the sky as time ticks forward on the clock of revolving stars.

The full moon eclipse of 2015 Sep 27 19:11-21:11 PST told a story of portends in a time of transition as seekers were listening for signs of the times. A vague sense of urgency seeded anxiety, and for some this suggested the end of the world. And the deepest of seers experienced darkness as their oracles failed to reveal her secrets, the future not yet set in stone nor in prophecy.

Yet unfolding in N:OW time, as always before, every detail played out on cue and in synch, feeding audiences everywhere with stories of their own resonance. This means that each person and group, each family and clan, each planet and satellite, galaxy and star, fell toward their own center, magnetized and harmonized by the gravity of their shared situations and the alignments of their common purpose. The parents, the elders, the bards and the scribes sang songs to the moon and her mother the local star, reminding each other to remember the light, and affirm what each knew to be true in their hearts. Divine source reminded them why they were born and which way was forward by the synchronicities and other significant coincidences, seen only by those with eyes to see and ears to hear, and only if they took the time to wonder and watch.

What this latest full moon eclipse revealed to this celtic Sun Daughter may be a comfort to you, my friends. There were many great moments, and the significance echoed before, during and beyond the moment of solar lunar revelation. We were offered many opportunities to honor the harmony of time during this last week. And so, here are a few jewels that I noticed.


Sept 12, New Moon

Sept 23, 16:21 PST Vernal Equinox

First, the Autumnal Equinox and the first day of fall set the tone of balance and symmetry on the 20th day of September. On this new moon, when the sky was as dark as normally possible under the moon, the sky was clear and stars looked extra bright. The sea was calm as a mirror almost reflecting the milky way stars in the waves all night. To sleep at all was to miss the greatest show on earth. Of course, the show has been playing every night for millions of years, so many are in the habit of sleeping through it, and this equinox was no exception.

Next on the cosmic hit parade visible from the surface of earth was the full moon rising just a week later. The Rose Moon, or Corn Moon, or Super Moon.


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