Time for Superpowers, Just in Time for US

As an avatar of the very fine line between fuzzy endings and new beginnings, I have a very short story to share. I direct these thoughts to those I most care for, including those who are currently blessed with human bodies. My prayerful devotions are mostly aligned with those who count on us humane avatars for the success of goodness. My intention is to support artistic team work, and thus to secure the blessings of these evolutionary times and to attain the seeming immortality of legends and stars. And, while sifting the sands in the hour glass of time, to keep on schedule while remembering our urgent and ultimate priorities. So, higher selves, what are our orders?

These are the interesting times that fortune cookies and ancient prophets alert us to attend. As such, the questions on the table of history beg us to act with care and conscience while learning as fast as we can to receive the quantum volumes of new information we now have with which to cultivate our freedom of choices.

The sky above teaches that heaven lasts a long time and has already seen every story ever told more than a billion times. Luckily, the story of the stars is far away, and the sleepy audience is often forgetful. There is always a new audience for an old fairytale. The memories embedded in dreams are for safe keeping, subconsciously treasured by those who remember that magic is actually real.  Sunlight and stardust made the planets, and our living Gaia made us to share her local awareness of space and time. Thus we learn the stories of the stars.

Yet still, the lessons of testing our immortality are always new to the youngest of souls, proving again each generation that we can wish and want, fight and kill, hurt and die, or dance and pray. The grail quest for a little personal happiness offers many varieties of adventure. As the collective story unfolds, those souls who have not yet gained harmony in their actions via the wisdom of their memories and beliefs are stuck on a bookmark in history, unable to turn the page.

So, now, properly educated in the context and consequences which await our future generations, I offer this very short story of time, which I have found to be a useful cautionary tale. And helpful to celebrate success, but also to mourn the death of hope. After all, love and freedom are ways of feeling. They exist in the moment, in consciousness, and in the circumstances of existence. They are a personal experience that is best shared for greatest expansion of choice. Please always remember.

If you change ANYTHING, you also change EVERYTHING.

Act accordingly, and trust the perfection. This is no longer the beginning. We are now in the middle of time.

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