From outside of time the watchers watch.

They fill up the clocks with ticks and tocks,

The audience forms. They wait, they talk,

Toss popcorn, sip soda. Lights dim. Time stops.

Music and Lights… The show begins.

For the 11th time in 2012, the Santa Cruz Film Fest began. The sparse artistic film community arrived early at the HUB to claim their Festival Passes and VIP invites. They joined the assembling audience in front of the Del Mar Theater  lining up for opening night. festivities to find the crew from CTV assembled to live stream the local red carpet event.

Stories were shared of all the leaping through hoops pulled off by the Film Festival heroes as the opening night audience assembled in front of the Del Mar. With lights, camera, and the television truck blazing the URL where the life show was playing on the web and TV channels, Kirby Scudder directed the festival celebs to take their spots.

It was a parade of rising stars and local celebrities wearing the many hats they needed to make the night…

First I connected with Raphael, the best limousine driver in town. Every year he shows up to tell stories of his artistic conquests and failures. For the first time in 10 years, I am happy to report, dear Rapheal has a lovely woman in his life.He has gotten an image makeover that makes him look like HE might be the movie star he is supposed to pick up to escort to the film festival. The ever present sparkle in his eye is shining bright despite the fact that he has been up since 3AM making runs to help the folks at the festival assemble stars and media magical props.

In the top Host seats at the interview stop just in front of the theater marquee, Hosts MC and Raquel Hager engage the filmmakers, with their cast and musicians for a little personal feature.

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