Cool Names for Folks in the MOVIE

FYI, you very few fans. We are making a movie After What Is Erotic Documentary. Ideas welcome HERE. WORDS WITH FRIENDS, a great source of WORDS Arturis (is not a word), writes like a hero Dixits (a statement) witty and pretty Mortimer (always shows up at an awkward or bad time) Related articles 6 greatContinue reading “Cool Names for Folks in the MOVIE”

Movie Night Anyone?

Every Tuesday night for many years, a mosaic of colorful Santa Cruz characters get together at the Temple of Yes for our MOVIE NIGHT. There are always a handful of hard cores, a few random stragglers, more Nutritional Yeast flavored popcorn than all of us can eat, and enough drinks to keep everybody happy, fromContinue reading “Movie Night Anyone?”

As the watchers watch

From outside of time the watchers watch. They fill up the clocks with ticks and tocks, The audience forms. They wait, they talk, Toss popcorn, sip soda. Lights dim. Time stops. Music and Lights… The show begins. For the 11th time in 2012, the Santa Cruz Film Fest began. The sparse artistic film community arrivedContinue reading “As the watchers watch”