Laser Light Bill Nordsrom

An Unsung Master of Media Fine Arts I took Rene’s painting to the fine art reproduction studio. There was a lovely man there, the master color artist Bill Nordstrom, who has during his fifty years as a colorist learned the art of photographic and then digital color separations. He so loves the art of color […]

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Harmony in June

It’s a gorgeous Sunday, the last day of the Harmony Festival. Allan is thinking of going without me. He thinks sitting in front of computers like we do everyday is a bad idea this Sunday. He longs for a quality connection with friends he might only see once a year at Harmony. Celeste is dancing […]

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Mutant from the Future

I sometimes wonder, are my thoughts fantasies or premonitions? Do they create reality or do I simply report from a time yet to come to an audience who has no idea we are going. Such are the reflections of a seed dreamer. Thinking poetically as I do, I am reminded that my sense of normal […]

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Today is like no other

Farewell Theresa. Your joy and life are well remembered. I was sad to learn that a friend had passed. Theresa Baisinger was an artist who loved her family, friends, and she made beautiful glass. I met her during Open Studio this year. Here is a video we made of her on the day of the […]

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