Laser Light Bill Nordsrom

An Unsung Master of Media Fine Arts I took Rene’s painting to the fine art reproduction studio. There was a lovely man there, the master color artist Bill Nordstrom, who has during his fifty years as a colorist learned the art of photographic and then digital color separations. He so loves the art of colorContinue reading “Laser Light Bill Nordsrom”

Hack, the first to go, as far as I know. In memory.

Death of a friend is always sad news. Maybe a little more remote after such a long time, but it does give me a chance to reminisce. Such kids we were then. I still feel like the same person who walked or rode bikes past Hack’s house to school, and hung out during some ofContinue reading “Hack, the first to go, as far as I know. In memory.”

Mutant from the Future

I sometimes wonder, are my thoughts fantasies or premonitions? Do they create reality or do I simply report from a time yet to come to an audience who has no idea we are going. Such are the reflections of a seed dreamer. Thinking poetically as I do, I am reminded that my sense of normalContinue reading “Mutant from the Future”

TimeIsArt Log #1 AughtAught is Over

CONTEMPLATING THE FUTURE: I have intended to devote an appropriate amount of time to the art of understanding the nature of TIME as we people of the Earth count down the many moments clicking until the big prophetic event of winter solstice 2012. ABOUT THIS MOMENT N:OW: So, I started my efforts during the zeroContinue reading “TimeIsArt Log #1 AughtAught is Over”

Today is like no other

Farewell Theresa. Your joy and life are well remembered. I was sad to learn that a friend had passed. Theresa Baisinger was an artist who loved her family, friends, and she made beautiful glass. I met her during Open Studio this year. Here is a video we made of her on the day of theContinue reading “Today is like no other”