CONTEMPLATING THE FUTURE: I have intended to devote an appropriate amount of time to the art of understanding the nature of TIME as we people of the Earth count down the many moments clicking until the big prophetic event of winter solstice 2012.

ABOUT THIS MOMENT N:OW: So, I started my efforts during the zero hour today, the final night preceding the winter solstice of 2009. By this afternoon, the exact moment of the solstice will pass, and I will be instantly transported in time to the next moment which is then the first moment of my official countdown to the big day, 24 months from now. Around 2:45 pm PST I think.

I artistically thought of entering this artistic process of recognition during the midnight hour of this final day in the currently anonymous cycle of time. Between midnight and 1:00 are the zero minutes of the day, considered AM (after midnight?) yet it is always confusing to guess is this 12:01 AM or PM? And this is the last year of the zeros of the century. 2009, and in less than one month, the aught aught years of the new millenium will be over. The neverending count continues ever forward.

I realized sometime before bed last night that I would be artistically sleeping during this hour of beginning. I think that is appropriate. Dreaming during the zero hour at the beginning of this unique cycle of time, the first official hour of my own ONE TIME NOW evolution.

CONTEMPLATING THE PAST: When the druids of old celebrated the cycles of time, the solstices and equinoxes and mid heaven days of the annual seasons, they began the ritual fires on the night preceding the day of change. My blood comes from this stock, and so my inner call to commune with nature guides me with this sensibility. The beginning of the Druid day of change begins at dusk. I wonder if they clocked the hours of time as we do, starting the count at noon and midnight, or if they started at sunrise and ended at sunset. It is very astronomical and geometrical to start the day’s count of the hours of time from the apex of the sun (noon) and the opposite (midnight). Maybe that was the original inspiration for the Yin Yang symbol.

So, I have been at this now for a full hour. First thing I did was try to record a podcast, but ran into a learning curve with Apple’s built in Podcast Capture app. I tried to master it for 37 minutes, and ended up signing up for Apple’s beta test program for the Mac’s OS X Server Snow Leopard Evaluation disk. Guess I have to start a server for this little time experiment.

So, I’ve been ruminating since then, and it is now 4:08. Time to get on with my day. But first, wow inspirations! And I made this.
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