Dream Catcher… I Never Believed

Search For Infinity On this eyelash she walks across a delicate new web suspended by a thread in the ancient design of time. the spaciousness of patience, the stillness of eternity, the fullness of emptiness, the answer in the question, the light within sound resonance, the seed within a tree reaching to the starry sky, SeeingContinue reading “Dream Catcher… I Never Believed”

That’s SOOOOO 2 minutes ago.

SNAP. One moment you’re hunting ungulates on the plains of Africa, and the next moment you’re hurling a gold  terbium superconducting stellar device toward Alpha Centauri with all of mankind aboard in virtual space being run as a simulation in circuitry. It’s just first the one thing, then the other thing… but this history which lastsContinue reading “That’s SOOOOO 2 minutes ago.”

Mutant from the Future

I sometimes wonder, are my thoughts fantasies or premonitions? Do they create reality or do I simply report from a time yet to come to an audience who has no idea we are going. Such are the reflections of a seed dreamer. Thinking poetically as I do, I am reminded that my sense of normalContinue reading “Mutant from the Future”

All the Things I didn’t have Time for

It is ironic that my life art theme right now is TIME IS ART, and I have No art to my time. It is crazy. This is a last minute post at the end of January. I totally missed the holidays… Christmas, NewYear, Anniversary,Barbarella party, Capricorn birthday parties for Halle, Nada, Bruce… No time toContinue reading “All the Things I didn’t have Time for”

TimeIsArt Log #1 AughtAught is Over

CONTEMPLATING THE FUTURE: I have intended to devote an appropriate amount of time to the art of understanding the nature of TIME as we people of the Earth count down the many moments clicking until the big prophetic event of winter solstice 2012. ABOUT THIS MOMENT N:OW: So, I started my efforts during the zeroContinue reading “TimeIsArt Log #1 AughtAught is Over”