Three short stories of Luck, one of the least and greatest invisible entities that earthlings know and often believe in. (And, in service of the short bursts of LUCK, some long thoughts and related personal history.) First, a few definitions. My father and mother gave me, upon my graduation from College, an OED (Oxford EnglishContinue reading “Luck”

Cool Names for Folks in the MOVIE

FYI, you very few fans. We are making a movie After What Is Erotic Documentary. Ideas welcome HERE. WORDS WITH FRIENDS, a great source of WORDS Arturis (is not a word), writes like a hero Dixits (a statement) witty and pretty Mortimer (always shows up at an awkward or bad time) Related articles 6 greatContinue reading “Cool Names for Folks in the MOVIE”

Inspect Reflect Respect Inflect Dissect Connect Correct Check

Poetry begins this way. Interesting words, names, clever meaning, rhyming to remember better… I am reminded of a time I told the story of the Solar System, as the newest planet was stripped of his planetary status. From its discovery in 1930 until 2006, Pluto was classified as a planet. In the late 1970s, followingContinue reading “Inspect Reflect Respect Inflect Dissect Connect Correct Check”

Black Water Dragon, but first, the History of PEACE

NOTES TO SELF This post is very rough. Just gathering some ideas for a future theatrical project. But, read on if you are interested in some factoids about time. Western Time Origin Story In my study of time and time travel, today I am collecting information from the east and from the west. First, inContinue reading “Black Water Dragon, but first, the History of PEACE”