One wonders if God is watching, and then decides who God is. Words can be spoken, but understanding is chosen. Let me quickly take notes on a man who recently got my attention when innocently expressing a simple thought that I have decided is the fundamental problem with the way men see the world.

He says “Destruction takes less time than creation.”

My mind immediately flashes to a scene where a woman giving birth watches helplessly as a man pushes a button to launch a rocket to wipe out the Taj Mahal. Many would agree that pushing the evil button takes much less time than creating one of the world’s most beautiful treasures. But the woman giving birth sees the man as another son of another mother, and knows it was an act of creation that made this man and the moment she is watching.

It seems obvious that the power to destroy is a faster, perhaps more important, power than the accretive process that is the power of creation. Yet I say it this commonly held belief is false logic. In truth, creation and destruction are always in balance. It takes just as long to create the button that destroys a world as it took to create that world to destroy. The consciousness that builds the world embodies the consciousness that destroys the world. Destruction does not occur alone by itself in the moment of pressing the button. That moment is merely the fruit of a long and complex process, fulfilling the intention of the creator. As in every act of creation and destruction, intention inseminates an energy that enters the world, and the world becomes that creation.

Comparing Apples to Apples instead of Apples to Seeds is the goal of a philosopher, a lover of truth and knowledge. Leave it to the warriors to stack the truth deck in their favor, and exploit the advantages of false logic. Let the cheats fool some of the people some of the time, for there is a profit to be made. The next question then… what is moral? The impartial hand of god may not reveal the consequences of one small action until the weight of many small actions are combined upon a scale. That is why I conclude the less obvious truth. Destruction does not take less time than creation. It is made in a creative process that lives, and has purpose and intent.

A person may wonder if God is watching, or assume that God expressed his will by giving a person their reason for being. A person may say that someone who calls the world God is a child who believes fictions from their parents over facts from nature. On the scale of creation and destruction, all these thoughts are true enough for a time. Who can say what is true beyond their own knowledge, and what is created beyond our beliefs?


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