Jack & Jill’s Artist in Residence Program

Providing Intelligent Studio and Home Spaces that Enhance Creative Human Beings through Inspirational Residential Opportunities

In the hope of offering something of value to humanity, every generation faces unique problems, and responds in new ways to understand and address the issues of the day. The times we are in call for a new artistic vision for humanity. We need to address a complex array of problems, personal, planetary, and inescapable. And yet, plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

Without clear ideas how to proceed toward positive change, we continue outdated lifestyle practices and we cultivate harmful economic beliefs and choices. We over-populate our planetary habitat, and manage our environmental nest eggs inefficiently at best, and destructively where pursuit of unfettered profit removes common sense restrictions on diminishing natural reserves. Where can we successfully seek an alignment of individual freedom to prosper and sustainable collective stewardship of our world, divinely endowed for future generations?

The poet Robert Sward says “a man needs a place to stand.” We wake up everyday, humans seeking our purpose, our livelihood, and our breakfast. And home is where all the designs for our time begin. The great ideas which advance our civilization are formed in the calm space of knowing that our roof is secure, our bills are paid, and there is time for what must be done. In an age where machines are preferred to wage earning humans, the challenge we face as responsible humans is solving the wholistic problem of offering a means of survival that both keeps us safe and warm, while also supporting the self actualization of individual potential in a functional community setting. So, how to solve this problem with efficiency and intelligence?

The Artist In Residence Program

Research, whether academic, scientific, or creative, is an activity that forages into unknown areas of knowledge, intending to bring back new insights, innovations, and inventions. The person best suited to this unstructured process of discovery is, at heart, an artist. When that artist is freed from the daily distractions of living to pursue their unique quest for understanding, it clears the way for a drop of infinite purpose to be created in the ocean of existence. The divine art project grows more beautiful, drop by drop.

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