Wordless Vision

I suddenly understand the nature of being, the secret of consciousness, the story of time. So there is nothing left to say and no one to say it to. And yet, each day for more than 50 years I awoke not knowing this, and lived my life full of feelings, emotions, memories, and stories. Just […]

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A gift that doesn’t fit

Only keep the things that Spark JOY! I tell myself as I stare at my cluttered closet. It’s time for spring cleaning. Where to begin? (Blow the dust off and cough! Then smell the scented soap.) This scented soap is from my friends who got married. It is Engraved with their names and given away at […]

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manamowomanam evolove womanamow

Thoughts are everywhere. Thoughts are everything. What does it matter? What does matter? Ancient wisdom keepers know and show us what has always been. There is always one infinite ocean frothing, foaming, filling the vast infinity of mostly empty space with the chaos of change, with the chronos of time, with the aether of union […]

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Getting Gifting

Birthdays and holidays come around every year, But, do you ever feel a little awkward when it comes to getting gifts? Yesterday, a girlfriend called to invite me and my husband to celebrate her birthday with a few friends, drinks, dancing. For a last minute gift,  I look in the closet,  hoping to grab the […]

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Moral Ambiguity

One wonders if God is watching, and then decides who God is. Words can be spoken, but understanding is chosen. Let me quickly take notes on a man who recently got my attention when innocently expressing a simple thought that I have decided is the fundamental problem with the way men see the world. He […]

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A Rainbow Lovers Life

Have you ever heard of a “rainbow sheep?” It’s like a black sheep, only more colorful. I’m pretty sure that’s how my family sees me. I’m non-traditional.  Let me paint the picture for you. In my family, kids are expected to grow up and become parents or priests or nuns. And people whisper about those […]

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Suddenly Over

My mother suddenly passed away when I was twenty five. I notice the digital clock in my car as I rush to the hospital. It reads 3:34. I am already too late. The next time I see my mother, there is no life in her flesh. The funeral casket is open on a pink puffy […]

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Family Treasure

The difference between wealth and treasure is that you can’t take wealth with you when your days are up, but treasure lasts forever. Wealth over time might grow or shrink depending on who is managing it. Treasures over time are kept safe because they are worth remembering and preserving. Wealth is gained by knowing that money does […]

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