About SUN N:OW

Besides being an awesome digital video editor, and a great computer literacy mentor, I’m mostly a poet on an almost impossible mission.

Sun has a bright idea

  • At your service in the unconditional success of goodness
  • Visitor from the future
  • Source of more than enough love everywhere on the planet
  • Believer that the truest art is the art of trust
  • Good with numbers
  • Here to help build a better organic superorganism
  • Creator of grace, offering prayers and million dollar ideas for the new Earth
  • Intending to co-host and attend the ultimate family party at the end of time

Authoring a new book “Watches and Roses” (Excerpt)
based on “100 Love Letters to my Relatives” By SunMarian


One thought on “About SUN N:OW

  1. YOU are amazing. I am so lucky to know you and now get to follow you on your very own Blog.
    And please don’t forget to reserve me a spot on any ship (space or otherwise) that you take to any cool portal. Nowhere or anywhere. All is good if I get to ride along with you. I know, I know you SAY I’m on the ship.already. I guess I’ll just work a little more on believing that trust is the truest form of art and all the other cool shit you talk and blog about.
    Big Love,


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