It is ironic that my life art theme right now is TIME IS ART, and I have No art to my time. It is crazy. This is a last minute post at the end of January. I totally missed the holidays… Christmas, NewYear, Anniversary,Barbarella party, Capricorn birthday parties for Halle, Nada, Bruce… No time to take down one cosmic inspired memory. Instead, a long list of unmet promises, requests unfulfilled beyond my ability to prioritize and complete. A BLUR. That is time right now. A BLUR.

As I lay awake at night pondering my thoughts, the chatter is filled with Eli Zelka, Michael DiMartino, Michael Zwirling, Michael Sammet, Design Renaissance, AwakeMedia, FatSpaniel, Nabil,Princess Cruise,Kelly’s Wedding, EvaWay, Marilyn Crenshaw, and then the family… A future date with the GIRLS, postponed since Mo’s Birthday after missing Thanksgiving, Christmas, and two months at the beach. Am I bad to have so many other competing priorities?… Making progress on making space in our house and our schedules for Irene to have a safe and happy landing with us in California for the rest of her life… And making enough cash for all the needs of all the cocreators of our beautiful reality.

And then there is the general philosophical craziness of the torrential time of the millenium, a new decade, a burn out period for the dying culture amid a scramble for survival in a climate changing planet… Next safe step UNKNOWN. Destination, the GOLDEN AGE of ENLIGHTENED EARTHIANS. It takes a lot of energy to sort out what to keep and what to let go.
Priorities: From the Divine Inner Center out to the circles of trust, creativity, influence, and treasured legacy… and infinity AND BEYOND!
Guidance: If there is a choice between a party and a funeral, choose the party. If the choice is between two parties, go to the more sacred one.
TIME is ART. LOVE is made of PEOPLE.

To accomplish all the many things simultaneously it takes TEAMWORK, EFFICIENCY, DELEGATION, ADJUSTING EXPECTATIONS UP and EXTENDING DEADLINES.

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