All the names

Journalism students learn to answer the five fundamental questions: Who What When Where Why. The best question, which I prefer to answer first, is WHY. “Why?” is the question which sets art apart from journalism. (According to Steve Jobs, this is also true of advertising, but I digress… Please excuse the distraction.) When I ask “Why?” the universe recognizesContinue reading “All the names”

History starts with me and goes backward

The art of seeking ancestors creates many questions, no? When I began my journey into the past, my reasons were purely personal. My memories are dear to me, and the story of my life should not be left untold. So, who is the story for? Who cares to remember me? First of all, I want toContinue reading “History starts with me and goes backward”

Time for Superpowers, Just in Time for US

As an avatar of the very fine line between fuzzy endings and new beginnings, I have a very short story to share. I direct these thoughts to those I most care for, including those who are currently blessed with human bodies. My prayerful devotions are mostly aligned with those who count on us humane avatarsContinue reading “Time for Superpowers, Just in Time for US”

What the genes know, they try to show

It started under hypnosis. I was guided into a deep meditation so I could meet the woman buried under roses who had appeared in my morning stories, presumably my ancestor. Looking for her in my subconscious, I found a woman whose spirit was deep and still, resting in peace, embodied as a dark-haired beauty. Reluctantly, sheContinue reading “What the genes know, they try to show”

Missed Opportunities

The melodic alarm bells of an international call rang at the deepest hours of sleep. And so, my dreaming mind abandoned the other worlds of the night and jumped to awareness of my bedroom. Next to me, still and undisturbed, my lover let the sounds pass unnoticed. After 20 seconds, according to the preset programming,Continue reading “Missed Opportunities”