Bodhi chita means goodness *

Dear gifts you are my friends, I am VERY grateful for YOU! That means All of YOU. (In Lakesh, I honor the me in you, and versa visa too) Here’s my latest survey for heroic creatives… In a done deal universe, where every wish you would commit to words is granted by the active world […]

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Today is like no other

Farewell Theresa. Your joy and life are well remembered. I was sad to learn that a friend had passed. Theresa Baisinger was an artist who loved her family, friends, and she made beautiful glass. I met her during Open Studio this year. Here is a video we made of her on the day of the […]

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= N:OW = From here, the past present future is free, unbounded, infinite, and next. We have burned our bridges to the past, and we are preparing for an art forward cultural escape.

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